Scientific program

Speakers Organization Time
Lyubomirsky Yury Organizator 10:00-10:05
Alexander Sotnichenko Host 10:05-10:10
Igor Morozov Federation Council 10:10-10:20
Alexey Zhuravlyov Party “Rodina” 10:20-10:35
Roberto Fiore Chairman of the APF, Italy 10:35-10:50
Udo Voigt Chairman of the NPD, Member of the European Parliament, Germany 10:50-11:05
Mikhail Remizov “Institute of National Strategy” (Russia) 11:05-11:20
General Eleftherios Synadinos Member of the European Parliament, Greece 11:20-11:35
General Georgios Epitideios Member of the European Parliament, Greece 11:35-11:50
Jim Dowson LifeLeague – anti-abortion campaign, Northern-Ireland 11:50-12:05
Nadezhda Shalimova Expert (Russia) 12:05-12:20
Egor Kholmogorov Expert (Russia) 12:20-12:30
LUNCH 12:30-13:30
Stefan Jacobsson Svenskarnars Parti (Chairman of the SvP), Sweden 13:30-13:45
Daniel Carlsen Danskernes Parti (Chairman of the DP), Denmark 13:45-14-:00
Pavel Svyatenkov Expert (Russia) 14:00-14:15
Сris Roman Euro Russia (Belgium) 14:15-14:30
Alexander Ionov Expert (Russia) 14:30-14:45
Gonzalo Martin Garcia Democracia Nacional (responsible for foreign relations of the DN), Spain 14:45-15:00
Luka Bertoni League of Lombardy (Italy) 15:00-15:15
Irina Osipova League of Lombardy (Italy) 15:15-15:30
Stanislav Vorobyyov Russian Imperial Movement 15:30-15:45
Yukka Davidson National Party(Finland) 15:45-16:00
Olivier Wyssa Lawyer and Member of the Rhone-Alpes Regional Parliament, France 16:00-16:15
Sam Dickson Expert (USA) 16:15-16:30
Jared Taylor Expert (USA) 16:30-16:45
Alexander Sotnichenko Expert (Russia) 16:45-17:00
Alexander Cofman MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF DNR 17:00-17:15
Nathan Smith TEXNAT(USA) 17:15-17:30
Orazio Maria Gnerre Millennium (Italy) 17:30-17:45
         Nick Griffin British unity, former Member of the European Parliament, United Kingdom 17:45-18:00
Vadim Zazimko Expert (Russia) 18:00-18:15
Termination.Signing of the Resolution 18:15-19:00

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