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We can see how many Euro-Atlantic countries have actually stepped on the way of denying their roots, deviating from the Christian values that form the foundation of the Western civilization. Moral principles and traditional identity – national, cultural, religious or sexual are being neglected. A policy that puts on the same level a large family and same-sex partnerships, faith in God or faith in Prince of the world.

The excesses of political correctness have come that far that they speak quite seriously about registration of the parties whose aim is propaganda of pedophilia. People in many European countries are ashamed and afraid of talking about their devotion to religion … And they are attempting to impose this model aggressively to the rest of the world. I am convinced that this is a direct path to degradation and primitivism, profound demographic and moral crisis.




(re: Vladimir Putin’s speech delivered to members of “Valdai” club, September 2013)


National-Conservatism of modern times is, under not the archaic and reactionary doctrine, it represents a patriotic outlook which is based on the desire to treasure the national identity of the peoplehood, to preserve the traditional cultural and moral values, religious beliefs and centuries-old customs and ways of living. The present puts new calls which threaten preservation of traditional Christian cultural foundations and the independence of the countries of Europe before conservatives of Europe. And the source of these calls is both in Europe, and beyond its limits, and is expressed in the political forces seeking to limit the sovereignty of the European countries, including the USA.

Nation-oriented and conservative state is a state that values the interests of its own nations and people above all other. Nation-oriented state is a reliable, comprehensible and stable partner in the international economic relations for the other nation-oriented states, and a quality-based example of how the state eroding the national identity of their population should change.


The Forum’s Mission:


  • To develop the new concept of development of the mankind, as the response to breaking its liberal-transnational ideology.
  • To integrate the capacities of the political and social conservative organizations in Europe and Russia in the conditions of destructive instability and economic sanctions.
  • To develop and strengthen the historically-proven international cultural, spiritual and business relations existing between the countries of Europe and Russia.



Organizer of the “International Russian Conservative Forum”
“Russian Cultural Centre – People’s House”


The Forum’s Goals:


  • Establishment of movement to unite the conservative and nationally-oriented forces in Europe and Russia.
  • Creation of the permanent platform for discussion and decision-making on the issues of interaction of the national-conservative forces and counteracting the internal and external threats to the sovereignty of the countries of Europe and Russia in terms of mutual economic sanctions.
  • Development of the concept of creating the new international financial institution, independent of the modern liberal transnational financial-industrial groups in order to support the development of economic relations in the new conservative world.



Format of the Forum:


  • The scientific congress event, Forum (opening, plenary session with presentation reports on the key themes, thematic round tables and blocks, closing of the event after adoption of the final decision).
  • Total number of participants: up to 1500 people.
  • Participation will be free. For European visitors – payment of hotel accommodation and visa support.


Target audience:


  • Representatives of the Russian and foreign social, political and patriotic organizations.
  • Russian and European writers and public figures.
  • Representatives of the legislative and executive branches of the federal and regional levels of Russia, as well as representatives of businesses.
  • Representatives of the Russian universities and scientific communities.
  • Russian and foreign experts in the field of history, sociology, demography, law, economics, finance and industry.


Invitations expected for:


  • Foreign political and social movements.
  • Russian political organizations.
  • Russian public organizations.
  • Russian and European experts in the fields of politics, economy, culture and business.
  • Special guests including the European and Russian writers and public figures.



Forum Objectives:


  • Formation of the new united national conservative doctrine of Russia and Europe in the conditions of mutual economic sanctions.
  • Bringing together all the healthy forces of Europe, for fighting against erosion of the national identity.
  • Establishment of the permanent coordinating council to develop the procedure and mechanisms for implementation of the national and conservative concepts adopted by the Forum.
  • Approval of the primary structure of the Coordinating Council. Signing the Forum’s resolutions. Designation of the immediate action plans.
  • Development of the general concept of interaction of the conservative and nationally-oriented forces in order to maintain stability in development of the national-oriented states.
  • Development of the new positive meaning of the concept “national conservatism” (within the framework of national-conservative ideology).
  • Development of the procedure for cooperation to fight for the traditional values and national values.
  • Protection of the national economic interests.


Main subjects of the Forum:


  • National problems in Russia and Europe.
  • What is “Conservatism” and “National conservatism.”
  • Detection and identification of conductors and ideologists for liberal transnational threats in the world’s arena.
  • National idea as the basis for the Nation’s formation.
  • Nation-state as the basis for stable international cooperation.
  • The threat of loss of national identity by the European countries and Russia.
  • Influence of the national traditions and mentality on the Nation’s development.
  • The trend of development of conservatism and the form of Nation-state.
  • Effective and independent national economy – the basis for development and establishment of the state.
  • Demographic pit. Addressing the population issues, taking into account the specific national circumstances.
  • Cultural unity as the fundamental factor in formation of the national space. Migration as a threat to the national identity.



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