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We – community of political and public organizations, not indifferent to destiny of our Homeland – Russia, and all civilized mankind. We urge to unite for the sake of continuation of life on Earth, for the sake of conscientious and good-neighbourhood partnership between the nations of Europe. We decided to hold the first in world history Forum of the national focused political forces of Europe and Russia and to lay the foundation of sensible partnership in fight for preservation of traditional values of modern society: families, for spirituality and moral also we wait from each political and public organization of constructive proposals. We – Organizing committee of the International congress “International Russian Conservative Forum”:


Народный дом“The Russian national cultural center – People’s House” – public organization which purpose is revival of traditional values and development of the Russian culture. “The Russian national cultural center – People’s House” combines efforts of people of all nationalities concerned by destiny of the Russian culture. It involves writers, musicians, artists, journalists, publishers, theater-goers, public figures in participation in business for return to the Russian culture of its worthy place in souls of people.

“People’s house” has to become a home for creators of the Russian culture. It helps all creators of the Russian World, irrespective of their ethnic, religious and civil origin.

“… Our advance isn’t not impossible without spiritual, cultural, national self-determination, differently we will be able to resist to external and internal calls, we will be able to achieve success in conditions of the global competition”

V. Putin’s performance at a meeting of the international debating club “Valdai”, the Novgorod region, 19.09.2013





Любомирский Ю.А.Lyubomirsky Yury Aleksandrovich, the Coordinator of Organizing committee “International Russian Conservative Forum”, public and the politician, the former cochairman of the St. Petersburg office of public organization “Right for the Weapon” , the former member of regional committee CPRF and “Union of Communistic youth” in St. Petersburg,The cochairman of public organization “The Russian National Cultural Center — People’s House” concerning youth policy , was born on February 26, 1988 in Severomorsk Murmansk region in a family of military.

In 2010 Yury Lyubomirsky graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in “National economy”.

In 2011 I graduated from “Institute of Business Administration” of the St. Petersburg Engineering and Economic University in “the Business Assessment”.



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