Mobile Betting Site Login and Evaluation

Mobile Betting Site Login and Evaluation

The mobile betting site has adopted the principle of keeping modern technology at the forefront while entering the sports betting market. As the habit of making bets on mobile is increasingly widespread, the betting site is to offer the best product for its customers. The system and campaigns of the site are designed to provide you convenience and arouse more excitement by placing your bets whenever you want, the way you want. The site is operated by the same group as Bets10 . Group having the most ancient sites in Turkey market with a new brand aims to reach users on mobile devices better. Besides offering one of the best online betting and casino products, they have a really useful website.

Mobile Bet Screen

Betting Markets and Quality of Odds: 8/10

So, how is the newly emerging site among dozens of betting sites against its competitors? We have seen that live betting sites are in a position to compete with other giant sites, as they have the support of a world giant like Betsson group behind them. For example, football betting profit margin, Turkey Super League, I hope to find a little over 4%. In this way, they can offer you very high rates. The rates of sites run by Spor Toto such as İddaa , Oley , Nesine and are now funny. It also has great odds on both the website and the mobile platform. Smart gamers Bets10 will notice the similarities between them.

There is a reason for this; because Mobilbahis site is part of the same group as Betsson . Therefore, betting pages have become similar in terms of odds and market diversity. For example, a wide variety of bets are offered on popular matches of soccer, tennis, basketball and volleyball. However, they also offer a high number of matches and betting options in less popular sports such as handball, badminton, motor sports. So the site is really good overall in terms of rates. Thus, bet lovers can simply find what they are looking for and they are satisfied.

Mobile Bet Types: 9/10

Turkey’s most popular game Returning to the type of bet in terms of football, you’ll find a spectacular coverage globally as the quantity of leagues. Mobile betting in the area where betting is so popularstands out with its diversity in the field. You will find that football is comfortably the leading sport on the website. As you log into Mobilbahis and browse its home page, you will immediately be greeted with a series of live football matches currently being played live. This is independent of the hour, because they also bet on matches on other continents at night. There is a section with quick links to the most popular events, and there is a extremely useful section on the betting slip where you can configure your multiple combination bets.mobilbahis The overall feel of the betting page is clean and very useful. There is not much information pollution. At first glance, you realize that placing a bet is quick and easy.

One of the other small features about betting markets is the quick stats page listed next to the game. Additionally, you will view a number of sub bet options for a match on the main landing page. Turkey Super League and Premier League , you have a tremendous amount of pre-match bets as popular in the league. Their number easily exceeds 200. Once the match starts you will find twenty or more active odds even for lower leagues, even in the case of live betting. Another great beauty is the presence of Asian Handicap varieties!

Mobile Bet Welcome Bonus, Free Bets and Promotions Available: 10/10

There is a great welcome bonus offer for new customers signing up on the site. You can play with twice your first deposit by getting a 100% membership bonus. This means that when you deposit 500 TL on them, you will receive 500 TL for free in return. This is a huge bonus, and starting to bet $ 1000 can bring you big winnings. You have to bet 1.5 at most to get the bonus, but completing the cycle is easy. This bonus can be obtained with all deposit methods.

Mobile Betting Bonuses Overview

First Membership Deposit Bonus Betting Site

It offers a free bonus of 2 times the money you deposit up to 1000 TL as a first registration bonus to registered users. This bonus is not to be missed. In addition, the bonus amount, which can be not limited to this, offers you this opportunity once again up to 1000 TL. There is no betting site that gives such a high bonus in the market. Do not miss this bonus. If possible, you can deposit 1000 TL and start playing your bonus with a bonus of 2000 TL and a cash register of 3000 TL in total. We are also sure that those who make such an investment of money will also be offered bonuses close to a thousand TL by the site.

Mobile Bet 30 TL Free Bet

Every user who became member of the site was entitled to this unconditionally and unconditionally. Unfortunately, this ended in May 2018. Although there are bonus rules that change from time to time, there are many people who take it and withdraw the money. So it would be good for you to open at least one account and keep up to date with bonus offers. Instead, the site’s welcome bonuses are now used. For the moment, they triple your money, so if you deposit 1000 TL, you can start playing with 3000 TL.

Invite a friend and Earn Bonus on You

In order to invite friend who may have not yet opened an account on the site and has not made a money investment, you must first make a friend invitation by using the required form. When your friend signs up and deposits, you will both receive one more bonus in addition to the normal welcome bonus.

Special Bonuses for European Leagues and World Cup Matches

Special bonuses given in popular sports areas such as football, basketball, tennis in European cups are determined weekly and published in the bonuses and campaigns area. They are bonuses that should be followed weekly. Because a match you are already playing can be an extra bonus and cause you to earn more money. These offers are offered as bet refunds, lost returns or extra winnings, especially in matches published in popular and known competitions such as European Derbies and the Champions League . Especially in the quarter finals and later stages, this bonus is offered in abundance. It is a type of bonus entered by depositing money in way that fills the quota. The terms and conditions must be read well. It may make sense to get information via live chat if necessary.

Turkey Super League Betting Bonuses

It is given in popular matches of the week and usually in matches of the big 4. In the system based on combined bonuses and minimum amounts, it is usually awarded for betting on the match over an amount and above a certain number. When this step is recorded, money is automatically deposited into your account.

Prepaid Card Bonuses

Paykasa, Paykwik and Jeton Wallet cards working on the site are always offered a continuous bonus of 20% to 100%. Some may ask how do I get these cards. Let’s explain right away.

  • How to Buy Paykwik?

To purchase the Paykwik prepaid card, you can get these codes by paying the sellers you can find on the internet via Cepbank or bank transfer method. For example, by entering the 100 TL code on the site, you define this money into your account.

  • Where To Buy Paykasa?

As with Paykwik, you need to use bank and Cepbank for this. You can find and buy by searching trusted vendors.

  • How to Buy a Jeton Wallet?

Apart from the above methods, you can also buy this card with bitcoin by credit card. It is possible to transfer money to your card by paying with a credit card through the official site.

Ways and Methods of Mobile Betting: 9/10

Every year the bans increase, mobile betting is getting harder to enter and users are trying to overcome by searching the google site. It finds a solution against these laws by updating the site address in this area on the site. Frequently asked queries and searches in response to problems with this game site are as follows.

  • What is the login address?
  • How do I get in?
  • What is the Mobilbahis current login address and how to find it?
  • How to log in 2018 Mobile Betting?

The searches above are the method against the problem most experienced in search engines. It is actually very simple to login to the site. It is quite simple to reach the current address via the buttons on the top and left of this page.

Mobile Bet Download Operations

Mobile users who prefer betting sites want to download Android applications, APKs or IoS applications to their phones. Because in this way, they can access the site quickly and with a single button, without interruption. For this reason, a mobile bet download query is made. a official application of the site is unfortunately not available on Apple and Google Play platforms as required by law. However, since the site is specially designed for users of cellphones and tablets, no problems are encountered. You have unlimited freedom from the casino to all betting options. Our advice is to go to illegal applications and reach the site with the current site login address instead of the risk of hacking. So you can register and play safely.

Live Betting Page: 10/10

As you would expect from an operator targeting the mobile platform, in-game live betting is very high in mobile betting. Otherwise, his name wouldn’t have any meaning. They will have the latest live betting odds and bets on top sports like tennis, basketball and of course football. There are really many options in the live markets. Returning to the features of the mobile page, you can reach all these proportions with a simple touch on your screen, regardless of iPhone, Android or Windows phones . So, that’s where Mobile betting makes the excitement and difference. The ability to quickly access live bets right at your fingertips wherever you are is an important feature. This is Mobile Bet Live Bettingpage is superior to other sites. The in-game live betting section is the point where the site makes a difference against its competitors in terms of odds and market diversity.

Extras and features: 8/10

As soon as you log into the site, you will encounter many great features and in case you actually search, you will find more easily. For example, because of the “Cash Out Bet” feature, you can convert live bets into cash whenever you want, while making new bets. This feature is valid for Asian Handicap, Over / Under and Match Result and Total Goals bets. If you enter your bet slip and click on “Cash Out”, you will see if an active bet is eligible for cashing! So just press the button when you’re ready!

They also run a special reward program. Different bonus campaigns are regularly organized for both live and combined coupons for the matches selected that week. Regardless of whether it is summer or winter, there is no week without a bonus campaign. They also offer 3-4 deposit bonuses during the year.

Special matches also have quick bets and they are about knowing, for example, whether there will be a goal in the next five minutes or who will take the next crown or corner kick. Your bet is settled immediately and you have the chance to bet again with your money. This is a great little feature. Your money does not wait for the period of the match, they pay immediately as events unfold. The end of the match is not expected. Therefore, if you become a member of the site, you are in a very good position thanks to the extra features and subtleties. In addition, it is an important detail that they open bets on the newly popular e-sports.

Mobile Bet Payment Options – Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: 9/10

There are payment and withdrawal methods available on every site. With Maestro Card, it is possible to deposit money to the account instantly through Visa and Mastercard methods. In these, it is possible to deposit at least 25 TL and it is a very low limit for the market. In addition, you can deposit money to your betting account by bank transfer or use the eWallet payment method called Ecopayz . Also Paykwik , Paykas to and is Cashix can transfer money instantly and with prepaid cards as you can get 10% deposit bonus on top of them.

Bank transfer is the most common method to withdraw money. Especially ideal for those who want to bet with large sums and usually your money will be transferred to your account within 1 day. In addition, betting earnings may be deposited into your Visa or Mastercard credit card. Unlike other sites, you can request a card called Transfercard from the site and with this card you can withdraw your balance from any ATM you want. With the eWallet option, Ecopayz, your money may be withdrawn to your account within minutes. Overseas users can use methods such as Neteller and Skrill to both withdraw and deposit funds.

Deposit Methods:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro
  • Ecopayz, Paykwik, Paykasa, Cashixir, Neteller, Skrill
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Bitcoin

Credit Card Deposit Method

You can invest money in the casino and betting area with your credit card. Did you know that you can pay with your VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro cards with the minimum rate of 100 TL ? Your credit card name and account name must belong to the same person. Credit card payment methods are not accepted from family members, spouses and friends. This is an internationally applied rule for credit card security and account security, and this famous sports betting and casino games site has to abide by this rule as it is regulated in this area.

Bitcoin Betting and Casino Opportunity

This feature, which can be available on very few sites on the market, is preferred by some users for privacy reasons. You can deposit money on the site with bitcoin and withdraw your earnings to the bitcoin wallet. Then you can transfer to subcoins as you wish. Currently, they only provide bitcoin services. However, in the foreseeable future, money investment with subcoins may also come. We will see it all together. We heard that the casino department is planned to operate in this way in the foreseeable future.

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Visa, Mastercard
  • Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, Transfercard, Token
  • Bank transfer

Pocket Detailed Video Tutorial

You can see the video made by our editors about the Mobile Bet Mobile Application below. If you are wondering about the mobile bet login and registration process, simply follow the steps here.

Ease of Use of the Site: 8/10

The site seems constantly full because a large number of live matches are streamed simultaneously. We can see them all right on the main page and this is a very good service. Everything works very fast and ease of use is at the forefront. In addition, Mobile Bet Live Casino works much more understandable and faster than other competing pages. Thanks to this user-friendly feature, games are very much enjoyed. The site, which has been brought to life with new software, has successfully completed all UX tests and there are many features that allow you to find everything you are looking for quickly.

Customer Service, Support, Security and Reliability: 10/10

Mobile betting Customer Service

There is a support section where you search using a keyword and it immediately brings some answers to guide you. Apart from that, you can get help from the 24-hour live chat line, or send your question via email. We guarantee you will get a immediate response within minutes. The e-mail support at also continues for 24 hours.

Is Mobilbahis Safe?

Among betting sites, this question is asked to each other very often between friends and betting lovers. In fact , those who ask whether Googlelama mobile betting site is from reliable betting sites, very often receive the views of those who become members of the site and leave comments with these inquiries. There may be those who question the security of the site, these people can examine the company’s licenses in the international arena. The company is one of the few websites in the field of live betting and casino in Europe and the world . It is also equipped with the most up-to-date and fastest software having its infrastructure. Therefore, there is no problem in terms of security. If you do not try to cheat with some programs on the site, you will not have any problems. “ What is the most reliable betting site? “Our short answer to those who say is clear and clear for now. Mobilbahis is the most reliable company offered by our site. It stands out having its customer support and with its speed of withdrawal. Therefore, we do not need to search for another site. Become a member of the site now!

Mobile Bet Sour Dictionary Reviews

  • Positive Reviews: As with every betting and casino site, it is possible to find positive comments on sites such as Ekşi Sözlük and Uludağ Sözlük. If the comments of the site are examined, the most popular feature is its free bonuses. There are many positive comments about the 30 TL free bonus given to users to try the site because the site is very new. Apart from that, people generally saw the 1000 TL + 1000 TL money investment bonus as the highest bonus in the market. In addition, the speed of this live betting page for mobile is mentioned. There are photographs about the rates that show the differences especially with the domestic sites.
  • Negative Comments: Wouldn’t there be a negative comment in an environment where there is a lot of competition? Of course it will. Especially considering how intense the concept called troll is in our country. We see some ridiculous comments. In particular, the complaint of closing an account was mentioned. As in the example of whether they gave 100 TL or not. Do you think company with a market value of over $ 1 billion, or 4 quadrillion, deals with a figure like a 100 TL bonus? Unless any prohibited code is attempted or exploited on the site, it is completely impossible for such a thing to happen. As a result, there are many Turkish customers who invest more than 1 million TL in the site. While even these do not have a problem, disregard such commentary. We do not think that you will have problems with sites that so many people follow and trust.

Mobilbahis Live Casino Games? 9/10

Mobile Bet Live Casino Site Overview

Unlike online betting, which is one of the popular methods of making money, live casino games that offer you live service and create the experience of playing at a live table are both enjoyable and offer the opportunity to double the deposit.

Especially when it comes to live casino games, we think of blackjack and roulette games. These are the popular games that are more preferred on the live platform, which are strategy-oriented and offer you the opportunity to meet the money deposited in the live casino version with the bonus conditions given. It is useful to pay attention to your internet speed and connection during live casino games.

Considering that the table limit differs in each game, we can say the following;

The lower limits in Mobilbahis live casino games go down to 1 TL. However, it should not be forgotten that; the lower amount we deposit, the less; The higher amounts we invest, the more chances we have to get more amounts.

As each site has bonus opportunities in itself, your money increases even more with the bonus opportunity within itself in Mobilbahis live casino games.

Let’s take a look at a few live casino games other than roulette and blackjack, which we just showed as two games:

  • In the category of table games; We can also add to the games started with roulette and blackjack to Casino Holdem, Poker, Pai Gow and baccarat games.
  • Slot machines also make more money. You can still have a live casino experience by playing slot games through a machine.
  • It is known that the bonus and the possibility to increase the money are also higher in video slots. Additionally, you will be very pleased with the games of reliable companies such as Netent and Play Go in terms of sound and image quality.

The live roulette game has been loved by casino players. Even though Turkey has been a ban on the type of game still required. The advantage of this game is that live blackjack offers us the opportunity to talk live with the crew members while playing the game. It can be played with cellphones or tablets. Live and Turkish poker casino game is also very popular. Live tournaments of this game, which can be played on mobile or tablets, are also held. Since it is possible to win higher sums in tournaments, the participation conditions also vary with each tournament.

Mobilbahis Registration and Membership Transactions: 10/10

Sometimes betting sites can change site addresses for security purposes. You can access the latest new site link from the social media accounts of the sites. Mobilbahis site offers all kinds of security assurance to its users in terms of security.

Mobilbahis Registration and Membership Procedures Step-by-Step Explanations

It is a betting site that has a Malta license and has gained the trust of many members. It is licensed by the company that needs the approval of all betting sites by the Malta Gaming Authority and is constantly audited. There is an SSL Certificate which can be important for security.

How to Sign Up for Mobilbahis First Member?

Usually, all online betting companies use the user confirmation method with the membership form. After this process, our registration is completed and we can operate. Since you certainly are a new member when you log in to the site, you must click on the new member registration section.

The site asks us to fill in some information about us via the contact form. This information is included in our email address. In the first part of the form that comes up, it asks for your current e-mail address and a new password you will set. Then you enter your first and last name and enter the date of birth as day / month / year. After creating a custom username, you will be asked to enter an active bank account information that you will use for deposit and withdrawal transactions. (name-surname-Iban etc.)

After completing the form, a confirmation email will be sent to your e-mail address to enter the site and to confirm your information. If this type of email does not appear in your e-mail, we recommend that you check the part called “spam”.

When you click the verify my registration link in that email, you will now become a registered member of the Mobilbahis site. In this way, you can log in to the site with your member e-mail and password, both from the tablet, from the phone and through the application.

Mobilbahis site offers promotion and bonus opportunities to those who register for the first time. They cannot benefit from the casino games and their returns without depositing money on the site. After the first registration, you can log in to the site with your username or password and see the campaigns defined specifically for you on the Mobilbahis> Campaigns page. In addition, many campaigns here have 30 days validity.

Personal document requests are not made during the first registration, but are requested during deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Mobilbahis Twitter

Almost every name known in the world, companies reach their customers and users faster and faster by using the social media channel. When we look at today’s world, with the increasing interest in betting games, many large betting companies provide their members with information on social media. Twitter is more preferred because it is the social media channel with the widest network area.

Mobilbahis, which made its name known to the world in a short time firm also continues its activities on Twitter. Through the Mobilbahis twitter information system, members can see their current site addresses, as well as follow daily events and awards performed by the site. Users can simply get news from the current bonuses and newly added bonuses on the site via the mobilbahis twitter information system. Problems can be easily fixed through the mobilbahis twitter information system, where users who have problems in the live help tab on the site are instantly returned. In addition, current sports news, injuries and penalties of the competitions that will be played that week according to the branches, special coupons of the expert moderators for different branches help the users to eliminate the doubts in their minds.

There are also quizzes on current issues in the Twitter information system and free bonuses are given to users who answer questions correctly. As it has a very rich content about the event, it both makes its members happy and gains new members from outside. After logging into the Mobilbahis official twitter account , you can reach the Mobilbahis official by typing in the search instead .

Overall Result: 9/10

As a result, everything works very well on this new mobile bet site, especially the Android and iPad apps they make for the mobile devices they offer. The number of stand-alone betting options and the quality of the odds make them worth trying to experience the live betting excitement there. In addition, the constantly offered bonuses and free bet chances will definitely bring you additional income. Sign up for Mobilbahis and start playing!

Good luck!

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