Cliff Wife & Cliff Wife Man Memes Explained

Cliff Wife & Cliff Wife Man Memes Explained

The Brief: A YouTuber’s statement that their wife dropped off a cliff happens to be commonly memed with recommendations to “cliff wife” and “wife man” exactly how this incident was overdramatized.


THE TRAIL.. scary moment for our family” in which he and his wife Jenny retell the story of her falling off a steep slope while hiking in Hawaii the day before on May 23, 2019, YouTuber Shaun McBride (known as Shonduras) uploaded a video h2d “JENNY FELL OFF. When you look at the video clip, they replay footage for the event times that are several unpack the ability at length. Throughout the autumn, Jenny got scratched, bruised, and sore, but didn’t maintain any injuries that are serious. Later, she completed the hike and went swimming together with her family members.

Let me reveal Shonduras’s movie. A one minute clip can be found here if you’re not ready to invest a full 19 minutes and 43 seconds.

Following the event, Shonduras additionally tweeted and later removed the immediate following:

“i viewed my wife fall a cliff…you’re off whole globe can alter in just a matter of moments. mine nearly did. a great reminder to appreciate every minute from it. the great additionally the bad. the delighted in addition to unfortunate. because you’re right right right here.”

Responses: The Generating Of The Meme

After viewing the footage and reading Shonduras’s tweet, many individuals noted that even though the autumn did actually happen frightening for Jenny along with her family members, to explain it as “falling off a cliff” is an exaggeration. Other people recommended that Shonduras’s video clip and tweet had been exploitive of Jenny’s experience, overdramatizing her autumn to attract audiences to Shaun’s YouTube channel. The fact there have been digital cameras rolling after and during the autumn additionally suggests that aspects of the video might have already been at the very least partly disingenuous.

Responses to your video clip and accompanying tweet quickly permutated into a meme where the expression “cliff wife” characterizes the significantly exploitive means in that your movie portrays the autumn. After that, the meme diverged into song parodies, funny comparisons amongst the movie as well as other “cliff wife” jokes.

Since this meme shot to popularity, it became less in regards to the fall that is actual more about the hype and meme-making around it.

Other “Wife Guys”

Shonduras isn’t the very very first online figure to seem to utilize their spouse to get clout in a way that is cringey. He’s joined up with the “wife guy” club alongside husbands referred to as Curvy Wife man, Don’t Email my partner man, and Gamer Elf Wife man. In accordance with an in-depth research of just what it indicates to become a “wife guy” published within the Outline by Tom Whyman, “a Wife Guy is defined by the undeniable fact that they will have done something that involves a spouse, whether their very own or some body else’s — call this a Wife occasion. A Wife occasion usually takes numerous types, however it fundamentally involves the world wide web for some reason (a long-distance online relationship; a fake social media account; A instagram that is prominent presence and, when found, would be widely discussed online.”

Reasons why Wife Guys continue steadily to get viral online are not clear, nonetheless it appears that Cliff Wife man won’t be the“wife that is last” we hear about.

Today is yet another Wife Day on Twitter. In this full situation it is the classic “Cliff Wife.”

— 17 follower man whose pinned tweet is an answer (@boring_as_heck) May 25, 2019

Song Lyric Parodies

This meme has lent itself to song lyric parodies about Cliff Wife and Cliff Wife man.

offer me personally a cliff wife and free my soulI would like you to definitely tumble from a mid-sized knollfor viral popularity

You are a cliff spouse, and you also’ve gone too far’Cause you realize it do not just matter anywayYou can slip so we all believe it is funny you can easily simply slide so we all think it is funny

He was a cliffshe was my wife can it is made by me any longer obvious?

I beWill I be CurvyWill I be CliffHere’s what she said to me when I was just a little girlI asked my mother, what wife will

— reasoning concerning the hot priest (@allisongeroi) May 26, 2019

hello darkness my old friend my spouse fell off a cliff once again

Tale as old as timeSong as old as rhymeWife dropped down a cliff

It goes like this: the 4th, the 5th

We viewed my spouse fall off a cliff

Cliff Wife Memes

Most of the memes that this occasion has encouraged are in a roundabout way concerning the autumn or the movie about this. Rather. they’ve been regarding how the meme distribute therefore quickly and exactly how the expression “Cliff Wife” became a well-known internet meme and distribute far beyond its initial context.

we watched my spouse fall off a cliff… your entire globe can alter in just a few moments. mine nearly did.

This Chrissy Teigen fell down a flight of stairs, leaving her very bruised, but not too hurt to make her own #CliffWife joke weekend:


Tonight asked my hill gf to be my cliff wife

Me personally: we saw my spouse fall off a cliff

as it wasn’t in any way a cliff i propose rendering it canon that people went from Elf Wife to Shelf Wife


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