12 Best Tinder ‘About Me’ Tips (Examples That Take Dates)

12 Best Tinder ‘About Me’ Tips (Examples That Take Dates)

Quick guess: you desire more matches, more conversations that are fluent or hotter times…

Utilizing the tinder that is right me personally text, all things are feasible.

Get comfy and nice, because you’re planning to get bombarded with guidelines ‘n tricks.

  • How exactly to beat the best hunting dudes along with your about me personally text
  • Best Tinder profile text examples for hookups, and relationships
  • Exactly How an excellent hot 9 completely blew her opportunities beside me, as a result of her bio
  • A step-by-step Tinder about me personally breakdown from 1 of y our beloved readers
  • The most effective stealable ideas
  • The way I took my very first actions from virgin to modelslayer, by way of a good tinder about me
  • Vital: how exactly to write an authentic bio that draws type online that is exactly YOUR
  • More…

Because of the method, are you aware we developed The Profile Checklist. You merely complete the blanks, and you also discover where your profile is lacking the attraction that is necessary. As a plus, we review a Tinder profile from a audience, utilising the Profile Checklist. Once you understand your flaws can get you in relation to multiplying your matches. Down load it right right here at no cost.


Would you choose video? That’s great, we made a video clip where we review a bad Tinder about me + share a good bio!

# 1: The self-cockblock in your Tinder about me personally (BIG BLUNDER! )

I’m going to exhibit you the profile of an absolute stunner.

The sort of woman many dudes would phone a 9.

We right swiped her simply yesterday to perform a small test.

Here’s just exactly what her profile appeared as if:

We blurred out her face needless to say. You’ll have actually to trust in me whenever we inform you once I state it is a lovely one.

Nonetheless it’s not her photo i wish to speak about.

Underneath her very very very carefully chosen pictures, there’s a very very very carefully written Tinder about me personally.

Let’s zoom in on that:

Whenever we revealed this profile to your dudes of this TextGod group, their effect had been identical to mine.

Master level owner

Alright, certainly not certain just what which means but pretty cool i suppose.

Dance fan

Pretty, seems feminine.

Alright she computes, dope.

As of this true point everybody we revealed the profile too changed their tone of vocals whenever reading her bio out noisy. After boasting four times, individuals begin to get frustrated with this specific text.

IQ 139, height 1.72 m

Is this some kind of laugh?

In search of a soulmate (aka the main one who hates hoes that are stupid respects genuine women in so far as I do)

Whenever her bio goes from ‘cool’ to ‘more dilemmas than Vogue’ genuine quick.

My mind made a immediate link with this person:

I’ve numerous prizes that We realized with my 147 IQ (certified genius by systematic criteria)

(I’m sure this screenshot appears like it can’t be genuine but unfortunately you will find entire collections of those. You will find hordes of good guys which in fact text similar to this. )

Tall IQ dudes saying their IQ inside their bio or texts, are like low IQ guys revving their machines from the road, thinking they have been cool.

Anyhow, I digress.

Back into this stunner along with her Einstein mind.

Her bio SCREAMS insecurity.

No confident individual that’s content herself feels the need to qualify like this with him- or. What exactly is this individual wanting to show?

Perhaps an universal facts are:

If somebody exhibits their IQ out of nowhere, they’ve been probably moronic and insecure.

(Besides, it has been determined that IQ is definitely a measure that is inaccurate of due to the range and number of psychological abilities individuals might have. The man into the screenshot might have an IQ of 147, it appears as though their EQ is near to 10. )

Goddamnit, We digress once once once once again. Where had been we?

Ok last one, this lady’s Tinder about me personally instance screams insecurity.

And that’s precisely what the bios of several dudes scream too.

And people don’t want any one of it.

The same as research revealed us. Pages with a high degrees of SSP (selective self-presentation) perform defectively in internet dating.

Scientists expected that high SSP profiles and high warranting (evidence to back up their achievements), will be the most widely used on dating apps.

But scientists had been incorrect.

It had been pages with low SSP but high warranting that had been most well known.

For instance, you compose a weblog and also you warrant it by connecting to your website.

Don’t brag about any of it, simply suggest that that which you come up with and offer people who have a web link to your website.

(regrettably for me personally, currently talking about Tinder and online dating advice has a propensity to backfire once in a while. )

Number 2: Tinder profile text: pupil example. Understand this bio that the audience presented:

I’m going to demonstrate you another mistake that is common expenses males times.

One you may be making too, and your skill you score way more matches about it so.

Wooh, that’s a m’fukkah that is lengthy.

Let’s get over it together, component by component.

Once I ended up being young, girls didn’t like once I pulled their hair… Funny how https://findmybride.net things change *emoji emoji*

Alright, so good. Maybe maybe perhaps Not yes in the event that you’ve seen this before, but i’ve.

However girls that are many Tinder should be a new comer to this line, if therefore, it will most likely will probably make sure they are laugh.

In addition to that, it is a great indirect method of sexualizing.

Tired of swiping kept

Using this right part, Julian is playing difficult to get. Girls aren’t actually impressing him, and he’s planning to get yourself a thumb disease from swiping kept so much.

?Training daily

?Very much into individual development

He’s high, he’s jacked, and their mind is jacked too. Alright…

IG @blablablabla

He links their Instagram, which can be filled with pictures of him doing a variety of activities. And several scenery shots.

Connecting your Instagram is usually the smartest activities to do. When you yourself have quality content, then she can flick through at heart’s desire. Without you being a tryhard that is silly uploading all of the pictures to your dating profile, doing all of your absolute best to appear super cool.

No, maybe perhaps not just a catfish. (in terms of I’m sure)

A variation of their “Tired of swiping left”, but just a little various.

He could be just about saying “Hey, i understand this appears to advisable which you be real, however it is real. I occur. ”

Relating to medical research there was a 90% opportunity that the only explanation you may be right right here on Tinder, is for the benefit of psychological verification. For the reason that case that is particular there is certainly a 99% chance we won’t match anyway

Julian went TextGod regarding the matter and did their research. He lets whamen realize that he could be as much as their concealed agenda. Him therefore the women just have actually 1% potential for matching.

Just just What do you consider for this bio, my dear audience?

Typical just like the size of advisor Dan’s donger?

A Tinder about me section similar to this is… Overkill.

It is like Julian picked all kinds of things he deemed noteworthy after which threw them on a single pile that is big hoping that any style of cohesion is irrelevant.

He combines a funny bio, with an arrogant bio, with a few factual information about himself (Don’t. Fucking. Try this. More about this shameful strategy later on within the article. ), with a few random fact about internet dating.

I suppose had an explanation to incorporate this random reality to their bio. But we don’t actually see just what it really is. Possibly he is filtering out of the women which can be really trying to get together?

Everything you can’t see in this specific article, is Julian’s pictures, where in actuality the trend continues. You can view a breakdown of 3 Tinder about me personally some ideas in this video clip we made:

He’s got some photos that are good but filled all 9 slots with images of him searching cool.

One slot had been full of the hair-pulling line in the type of a meme. Overkill.

To be honest, there’s stuff that is great their bio. We simply need to cut almost all of it and choose one element.

He could simply keep carefully the locks pulling laugh.

This along with a few solid Tinder photos and their IG connected, would make a profile that is solid. A profile that targets girls trying to find some lighter moments.

Or he could share the fact that is scientific and include a proactive approach to it.

“Swipe right if you’re really shopping for one thing severe. ”

That will make their profile more desirable for women in search of love.


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